What’s this Blog mainly about?

Hi! My name is Shawna, but I prefer Miss Shawna.


This is my first blog and I made it to share the things that make my life easier to help others. I also have friends who keep telling me to post recipes so they are getting their wish.  I usually have friends ask me about health related issues when it comes to finding a more natural way too. I mainly want to share a healthy outlook on life through food, exercise, and health experiences that I had to go through to get in better shape. I am no stranger to pain from unknown bad style choices I made. When I say unknown style choices, I mean that I wouldn’t of know doing aqua zumba, only once a week could help my back pain. I didn’t know that taking certain natural minerals and foods could make that time of the month, unbalanced hormones and all its problems disappear. I didn’t know that there could be ways to make your favorite food healthy until I started experimenting in the kitchen. I believe God has put on this earth everything we may need to naturally cure us of our health problems whether inside or out.

I’m only speaking from my experience and am not against modern medicine. I am only against chemicals and medicine when there is way safer and more natural way to prevent and cure issues.
What I do may not work for everyone, but if you want to try researching a healthier way to fix a problem maybe my blog can help you. I only researched this stuff for seven plus years with trial and error until I got where I wanted to be. I’m what personality tests call the scientist, so yes I love to research and research, and research! I am also a future teacher and have that desire to teach so I hope to teach something about health to my readers.

I would of wanted someone to tell me this stuff years ago and I would love nothing more than to save people from the frustrations I went through on trying to solve certain problems. Your mind, body, and spirit are all connected and each needs to be balanced in your life.

For me, I’m very strong minded and grow my spirit when ever possible, but my body lacks and shuts down when my brain says go! I’m sure some people can relate. But if you are one of those people be glad! I would rather have a determined mind to get me to my dreams, than be in perfect health because sometimes those in perfect health can’t deal with the metal challenges in life and never find the way to their dreams. It’s all about will power, determination, discipline, and lots of prayers.


So stay tuned in as I write my journey’s path to better health with simple steps that get to the point and give real information from my health experiences.


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