Health Update: Journey to repair nerves and muscles.

The last health post I did was on Juice Plus. I can’t say it didn’t help but I’m not sure what difference it made either. I already eat an 80% organic diet while being holistic, maybe someone with a different lifestyle would of seen a more definite difference. I am an antioxidant junkie if you will. Maybe after I have more serious health issues fixed then I will see a difference in taking Juice plus.

In my graduation Tales post, I talk of the first onset of health problems resulting from a car wreck and being holistic wanted to share how I was taking care of my body to maybe help someone else not receiving help from modern medicine. News flash! Nerve damage has no real cure in modern medicine. I’m going to share what vitamins I’m researching and adding to my routine as I try to heal my body naturally.  After a year of the car wreck I was still unable to physically do what I use to but I look fine, looks are very deceiving. During this journey I’ve found out who really cares about my well being and then those that put my whole worth into having a teaching career.

First of all lets learn a little about nerve damage. Your nerves send signals of everything to help you move and feel. When you have a few nerves damaged then those signals do not die but actually travel to the next working nerve, which causes overactive nerves. These nerves then have to work twice as hard in keeping your body going, explaining all the fatigue I have now. It’s a bad cycle of your nerves overacting then you feeling pains in muscles that should be healed, but are they still damaged or are your nerves making you feel they are? Either way you have to now take vitamins to heal both if you want the pain signals to stop.

I’ve been blessed with an out of my comfort zone job that I’ve discovered new talents in having until I’m back to 100% and my boss has MS. I was also blessed on a business with her to find a lot of my issues are similar to MS. This disease has the side effect of damaging your nerves. My boss told me of a lady when she was first diagnosed was a small business owner not being able to afford insurance, and actually keep their MS under control for years with  vitamin therapy. I know this conversation was not by chance. On to researching once more! I love researching but I’m also trying to start my life over again and feel I  have been really patient so I’m curious if anyone else has experience with nerve damage and what have you taken?

Nerves need protection for free radicals causing nerve pain and overreaction. I also found out my nerve damage could very possible be damaging my organs from these overreactions. I’m taking a full vitamin B pill that has helped so far with energy levels and made me feel some percentage of what I use to daily.

I’m still taking Glutamine from TAG that has help repaired the torn tissue in my lower spine. When I over do it physically and tear more tissue then this powder heals it quick while repairing muscle tissue during work outs as well.

The other vitamin I have added is alpha lipoic acid, which is the top thing that comes up when researching for nerve damage or neuropathy. I have not taken the Alpha Lipoic acid long enough to notice a difference, but it does give me a nauseous feeling for about 30 minute with or with out food.

what else should I look into? I’ve been told to look into things that repair nerves and muscles to repair damage caused, but their is always trial and error to find out what works best for your needs. Please comment if you have advise or experience with nerve damage. 4c01a7650a1d2d5a4643fb8979df8679

Here’s to Keeping it Real-Ms. Shawna





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