Adrenals affect weight, fatigue, and sleep cycles. Found a simple change to help.


So in my last health post I talk about learning that my adrenals were not working probably. If you have issues hormones related then this post may be helpful. This explained all the symptoms that I had had over the past two years. And well if this really was the issue then making changes specially to affect my adrenals and hormones should work right? Yes! So had a dear friend give me a book on adrenal health called, “The Adrenal Reset Diet” by: Dr. Alan Christianson. I read through the book quickly because the information was so helpful. So I’m going to give a review of the book so others can see if they want to follow these steps or get the book for their own health journey.

In reading, I was able to make connections on issues months prior to now knowing what caused them in the first place. I had always been know for having a health appetite. I would drink coffee in the morning but then could each every two hours. I’ve been eating organic and whole foods for a few years now, but I was not getting the energy from food any longer. Plus I had enough fatigue to know something was not right. I had thought it was just my body trying to recover from a car wreck along with nerve damage, but the adrenals were the cause of the every day symptoms. Your adrenal glands allow the food you eat to turn into energy. I had posted about maca root before and how it nourishes your body to create the hormones it needs to function, but your adrenal glands determine where those hormones go and transports them to your cells. So even if you have your main hormones producers doing their jobs, the rest of the endocrine system has to work as well. So basically I’m eating all this healthy food, but still having to take high vitamin Bs to function because food was not being allowed into my cells to turn into energy.

Then for about four weeks straight I had no appetite at all and only wanted to eat oranges?! I usually have to have some kind of protein and carb. every day or I felt ill, now all I was craving was oranges and that is all I ate and had to force myself to eat anything else if I felt weak. This was not me, never been on a diet in my life, and counting calories is a myth another thing the book goes over. So in reading I found out that during settlement times with the English and Native Americans, a doctor was studying how the Native Americans did not get scurvy like the English settlers. The doctor witness that the tribe had a tradition in when they caught an animal they would share the adrenal glands of the animal among everyone. You know what prevents scurvy? Vitamin C! You know what adrenals are made of? Vitamin C! You know when your body start craving what it needs to survive yeah…my adrenal were yelling for help.

So now what changes has the book offered that were effective? Basically the book goes over losing weight in the first half, but you have to look pass it to understand its a health issue not a weight issue. Usually hormone issues cause weight gain like with thyroid issues that are related to adrenal health. I’m in the cycle of my hormones actually eating my muscle so I’m losing weight. But the symptoms of someone who is over weight are the same, such as my joints hurting, high fatigue, feeling light headed, insomnia, and just feeling awful in general. So really no diet is going to matter if you don’t have your body working properly, it is much more than eating less and exercising more, in fact that is all myth as well. (look into the hormone reset diet by Sara Gottfried)

All I had to change was when I eat what,not what I ate. There are three stages of adrenal health you could be in that show in your sleep cycles connected to the hormone cortisol. This hormone could be over produced or under produced in the body leading to havoc. There is a thing called a cortisol slope. This hormone helps you wake up, gives you mental clarity to get the day started, assists with stress, and is suppose to lower by the end of the day so you can sleep. The slope shows I had low cortisol in the mornings, needing stimulates, sugar, etc (keeping an unhealthy weight) then having high cortisol in the evenings so I have insomnia but a clear mind to get things done. I had always been a night owl but the past few months of not sleeping had been more than I could handle.  Oh and your cortisol slope being back wards as so, also has been proven to be more deadly than smoking, yes more people are recorded to have died from this hormone issue than smoking.

So how do you get your adrenals healed through diet? Well basically the book goes over the effect of foods on our hormones and how carbohydrates can help. The eating of carbs helps lower your cortisol or keeps it from rising at night when you need to sleep. The book goes over how eating a high protein breakfast is key then adding more carbs throughout the day to allow your adrenals to reset themselves. So morning 1 protein:1 carb, lunch 1 protein:2 carbs, dinner 1 protein:3 carbs. I don’t have the funds or the time for all the extra cooking and such but I’m still doing a high protein breakfast with carbs being saved for later then eating fruits and vegetables all through out the day. The book goes over foods you can eat at any time to satisfy hungry being mostly fruits and vegetables.  It also lists foods that are nourishing for the adrenal glands to add to your diet.

Breakfast: Protein smoothie: Fruits such as berries, peaches, pineapples, avocado, bananas, and white tea or water to blend. Add hemp seeds, chia seeds, protein powder such as pea protein etc.

Boiled eggs, turkey bacon, chicken etc.

Lunch: Chicken, tuna, or salmon with a vegetables, fruit, yogurt, quinoa, soups, and salads.

Dinner: Chicken or some other protein with rice, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, pasta, whole grains, and breads.

I have seen a positive effect in eating only protein in the mornings and carbs at night. I actually would crave pastries in the mornings and want to eat boiled eggs at night. My appetite was so back wards, but eating to what it had grown accustomed to with backwards functioning.  I can to go bed earlier from feeling actually tried and not have so many carbs cravings in the mornings. This diet also goes with other health changes of course but if you are going to eat healthy then why not do it to were your body and life get the most out of it?

I still take vitamin Bs, DIM, adrenal support from Standard process, and probiotics. Another symptom of your adrenals not working is having digestive issues which explained why I was eating healthy, but feeling like I had a gut related disease. My adrenal glands were not supporting the digestion of the food along with not turning it into energy. So please comment if you have any questions because this was just a review without going into scientific detail. I always do my research as I don’t have time to try changes that have no proof or evidence of working. I hope this helps or opens a door for someone else trying to figure out their health issues similar to mine.

Also an update on finding a break through in healing my adrenals with real results in my next post called, “Finally a Break through on my Health Journey.” Please check it out because my health has improved with certain supplements, and hope to help others improve as well.

Here’s to #Keepingitreal

-Ms. Shawna




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