Finally! A Breakthrough on my Health Journey!

Hello! And Welcome to my blog. If you have read any posts on my health journey then you  know I’ve had to change my life plan over the last three years due to a car wreck leading to one health issue after another. For a quick review, my body shut down basically were I could barely work and all regular activities I use to do such as zumba were stopped due to physical limitations. I have adrenal fatigue along with a spine injury. Since the car wreck the rods in my back are constantly going against the pressure of my spine from the impact of the wreck, now any pressure or pain is not disbursed through my spine but instead shoots straight to my neck or lower back. Make sense? There has been many challenges and all which I was determined to heal the natural way even though it would take longer. If I went down the western medical way I would be on pain pills and anti depressants. Those would not fix the root cause of my problems only mask them. So fast forward to just three months ago….I was still having to drink lots of caffeine to function, but this was tapping out my adrenals even more. I posted on how a simple diet change helped, and it did but my job was very demanding and threw things off balance because of the late hours.  So here was my schedule: Wake up at 11a.m. Make an espresso, and sit on my couch drinking until my bodies aches and pains were numb by the coffee. Pains, such as my lower spine and ribs feeling sore and if you read past posts I explain how the hormone cortisol was not being produced in my body in the morning so I didn’t get that natural get up and go feeling like your suppose to.  Anyways fast forward to about two more espressos then, I was on my way driving to work at 3p.m. to be at work by 4p.m. I was basically having to run a hotel in having to train staff with no GM hired yet…I would make coffee when I got to work or I would not be able to make it through the day…I would get off at midnight then drive back home to get into bed around 3a.m. from trying to settle down and actually eat since work was so busy I had no time to eat, and my digestive system didn’t wake up before work hours because it was shut down from the pain. So that is how my simple adrenal fatigue diet got off track. I was on high vitamin B just to function. I was also dealing with insomnia with my cortisol peaking at night instead of in the morning. Then I would wake up and lets count…11a.m. 12p.m. 1p.m. 2p.m. 3p.m. That was four hours I had each day in between working I had to cooking my organic meals that I may or may not be able to eat at work, and to do whatever else my house or myself needed to start the day. But these few hours were usually spent on the couch trying to find strength in doing it all over again. You with me?

Good! It’ hard trying to explain every detail on daily challenges I went through because life is busy and you just keep pushing through because you have to. Just know my quality of life was not the best and I thanked God I didn’t have the history or genetics for depression or I would of already of been there.

So I started taking the Triplex from Plexus about three months ago…I first thought if this would just fix my coffee addiction then I would be impressed. Taking into consideration that I have always loved drinking coffee, just didn’t love how dependent I had become on it and more than just for head aches. How would it be possible to go from regularly 5-6 espressos a day to just 1?! Well that happened maybe after taking the Triplex for two weeks I realized I stopped making coffee at work, then I stopped making a third then second cup at home. I had also stopped going into coffee shops for emergency coffee on my way to work which added up in cost. This was pretty amazing…..Take into consideration that our society constantly numbs pain with energy drinks, coffee, pain pills, and all things full of sugar leading to us just feeling awful at the end of the day when it wears off.

Next thing I noticed was the inflammation around my spine started to improve. I had not been able to mop for three years because the tissue around my spine would flare up and would feel like it was on fire. This is just one example of physically limitations I had, but being a clean freak it was a big deal to me. I’m trying to take it easy and not over due it while my body is healing because I still have a spine injury, but I have less fear of being in horrible pain now from doing a little extra.

Later I started to notice, with just one cup of coffee in the morning I was fine to do other activities instead of sitting on the couch waiting for the pain to stop. I started a garden, something I had wanted for years but didn’t have the energy to do. One day I woke up with an appetite went out for lunch with my sister, went shopping for our garden, then replanted some of our growing vegetables all before work! I told my sister how to most people doing what we did that day didn’t seem like a lot, but before I would not of been able to do these simple things. It gave hope on doing more in the future!

And then I noticed how even with my crazy work schedule I would feel tired at night and actually go to sleep before the birds started singing outside…It took about a month, but my insomnia I’ve had for years started to lessen. I started to wake up feeling like I actually sleep and didn’t hit my snooze button till noon any longer. I could wake up at 8-9 a.m. and not have to crawl to my coffee nook. Success!

My drive into work started to become better in actually being able to wake up and eat or do things I needed to do before having to deal with all the untitled responsibilities I had at my job. My mood improved thanks to my gut and sugar being more balanced. I overall felt better about getting the quality of living back into my life.

Most recently I noticed my skin started to improve which is a huge deal from having years of skin issues. I have sensitive skin with an Irish heritage so almost anything not pure would break my skin out. I have to use all natural soaps and make ups. I’m allergic to dairy which is in everything! Even with my skin being clear, inflammation and stress would still make my skin look red or tired. I will be 28 this summer and I’m so over skin issues at this point in my life of eating healthy, not using chemicals, balancing hormones, and basically having to prevent anything that would upset my system and show up on my skin. I had a friend’s wedding to go to, a dear friend who started the Plexus with me and has her own success story! I was grateful she started it with me and we both started to feel our health improve. So here I was having to go to a wedding with no foundation because I ran out. I only use Younique, and would be a while before I could order more. But with the Triplex my skin had been pretty clear, and I felt no need for make up. I bought some rose face lotion to protect against the sun and I was all good.

So this is not the end of my story, and there will be more I’m sure with how awesome Plexus has been so far….If you have questions please comment! I will add links to my website and a video explaining the Triplex system. Plexus has other wonderful products I’m trying out as well and will update on. I signed up as an ambassador for only $35 for a lifetime of discounts on the products, a chance for some extra income, an included website, and the hope of pursuing my future goals. There are three different prices depending on what is best for you. You can choose the highest price at retail for a one time purchase. You can choose preferred customer with a discount price and a choice to have different products shipped monthly. If monthly renews scare you, then sign up as am ambassador and receive the lowest price on all the products. I will tell you that once you start to see things improve then you will be putting Plexus at the top of your budget list. Taking the products consistently is key. Think of all the other products you have to take consistently in life such as pain meds, blood pressure medicine, etc..and now imagine maybe having to take less of that because your system is getting what it needs to function more efficiently. If you follow my bog and have someone closer to you that is selling Plexus I recommend trying it out with them. All for healthy and happiness! #Plexusforlife #guthealth #KeepingitReal

The Triplex explained:…/healthy-gut-happy-weight-loss

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