Women to women. Balancing hormones to balance your life

Okay so I promised some advise on making life easier in a healthy way, and one of the things I mentioned that affect us all is hormones. I don’t know what people really know about their hormones but one thing you need to know is if you didn’t have them, then you would die. So to me keeping your hormones healthy is just as important as taking care of your heart or lungs.
Since I’m a women I don’t have much advice to help you men out but I encourage you to research ways on preventing cancer from balancing your hormones, but other wise this post is not for you unless you have a girlfriend who turns into a monster once a month haha Okay so to all the ladies who have search for that magic pill that would make cramps go away, keep you regular, and fight cancer at the same time, I have good news after years of searching with trial and disappointments, I finally found what works with scientific research to back it up. I’m talking about MACA! It’s a root that’s been used for women’s health in other countries for years. My gift is sharing the real stuff with you and not the westernized product being advertised every where. Americas think if some thing is raw, then its better for you. Raw maca is easy to find, but its not as beneficial as cooked maca. Plus the villagers who grow maca don’t eat it raw so why should we? So maca basically makes your hormones balanced by not introducing hormones into your system but nourishing your
hypothalamus and pituitary glands which are the “master glands” of the body
The maca root contains natural substances, which are believed to stimulate the pituitary and hypothalamus and adrenal glands to support and balance hormones. Different things in our system produce different hormones for different reasons so need to do your own research for a specific reason your needing to balance hormones but so far I only seen good results from it so it must be going where ever it is needed. There is a Plethora of products that claim to balance your hormones that I tried so just trying to save you time and money. There’s dong quai, primrose oil, omega 3’s, and many others that only introduce plant like hormones into your system instead of actually balancing your hormones. I tried it all and for you ladies that can relate to unbalanced hormones you can relate to why I didn’t give up on trying things. I wasn’t going to accept irregular menstrual cycles, pain, sickness, weakness, and my world having to stand still unless I took dangerous medicines like birth control. If it works for you that’s great but for us girls who only take it for clear skin, and balancing hormones and not the main reason why others take it then that’s a whole other issue. maca’s not going to keep you from becoming pregnant in fact maca actually  helps couples who haven’t even been able to conceive with fertility help.
Like I mentioned my body is very weak physically so my mind and emotions determine more on how I feel physically. For example if I’m stressed like many women that time of the month will start and not stop….I don’t have time for that! and I’m assuming neither do you. I’ve been on Maca, the cooked kind you can find at royal maca company online buy just typing royal maca into google. http://wholeworldbotanicals.com/info_royalmaca

I’ve been taking maca for over two years with no bad side effects. I went from stressful pains that would actually keep me from working and going out and having to schedule events around my menstrual cycle bc I would be feeling I rather get hit by a truck to put me out of my misery then live on. No joke and I know some can relate. Its very frustrating on trying to live a healthy life style and  having problems showing your not completely healthy bc your missing a piece of the puzzle.  The good news is now I barely have a cycle now because I learned how to make it regular, short, painless, and keep my sanity. But that’s not all I found in my research of making things better. Since I was once thought to have PMDD, then I had extra issues so for some the maca may not be enough, but have some good advice for others like me. I had the maca make things regular and better but I was still having pain so I actually just researched what causes cramps in women and guess what I found out?! Studies done on women with bad cramps all had one thing in common, bad estrogen. Yes, there is good and bad estrogen that can make a big difference on your life and even determine your chances at having cancers. This miracle is called DIM and is made with maca from the company I linked earlier. Which makes perfect sense to pair a hormone balancing herbs with one that flushes the bad ones out as well.
Diindolylmethane (DIM, in short) is the principal breakdown product of indole 3-carbinol (I3C), the phytochemical found in cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, collards, mustard greens, radishes, watercress, and turnips. DIM, has been shown in scientifi­c studies to reduce the risk of breast, cervical and other estrogen-driven cancers cancer by helping the body to make a better balance of the “good estrogen” (2-hydroxy-estrone) compared to the “bad estrogen” (16-alpha-hydroxy-estrone).*
Royal Maca Plus for Women™ with DIM is an ideal product combining the hormone-regulating effects of maca with the estrogen metabolite regulating effect of DIM. It relieves PMS and painful periods, and alleviates peri-menopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal symptoms. Maca & DIM together help your body make healthy estrogen metabolites and a healthy progesterone level. Progesterone is important for healthy hormonal function and helps provide protection against cell proliferation in estrogen-sensitive tissue. There are many scienti­fic studies which show that indole 3-carbinol and DIM can improve the ratio of healthy estrogen metabolites produced in 87% of women.

So I put this stuff to the test and found it delivers. I thought Really? Really? bad estrogen is the cause all these problems women spend millions on trying to cure with senthetic hormones and there’s a natural alternative with fast results? Something that actual fixes the problem from its source?! Just like it describes from studies, there is bad estrogen that goes through the 16-alpha-hydroxy-estrone which goes back into your system instead of being flushed out which causes cramps and cancer plus other life annoyances.
So there it is ladies a simple breakdown on how making life easier and healthier. The health benefits of maca are enough for anyone to take. Maca is rich in vitamin B vitamins, C, and E. It provides plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids. It strengthens teeth and bones, evens skin tone which I can see a difference in from taking the royal maca brand compared to others taken. I’ve read info on even doctors using maca to treat depression because it gives you energy and well being. It helps with anxiety and has been used in placement of hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women. There is just too much good news about this stuff that I can’t put it all on  one post, but hopefully I got you interested enough to research yourself or tell a friend about it.
Okay so lets review and get some important facts down if you are thinking about adding maca in your diet. It comes in powder and a pill form. I recommend the pill form or putting the powder in a pill unless you like a nutty taste. The powder will only mix in with a blender with other substances. I’ve put the powder in pills myself and taken the DIM separate but buying the two in one pill is easier and cheaper. Also important to know DIM and indole 3-carbinol (I3C) are not the exact same thing and from studies on using both they found the indole 3 to have bad side effects and not as beneficial as DIM. So please stay away from it and I’ll share the link on those studies if anyone is curious. Then there’s the amount to take. This stuff is strong and you will feel a difference within a month. You should not take more than 1/4 teaspoon or one pill a day when starting out. The only bad thing I can say about maca is if I over dosed with over 1 teaspoon then my heart would be racing at night were I couldn’t sleep, but nothing life threatening. Then 100-200 mg of DIM should be taken daily. The royal maca pill already has 100mg of DIM with the maca as well.

Maca with DIM has helped me focus, given energy, cure cramps, and improves my mood overall from balancing hormones. Its my lil secret I’m telling the world who haven’t found out for their selves yet. Some may think its too good to be true or I’ll just keep my birth control. That’s fine, but I rather not take anything that is made in a lab to mimic the real thing, because I’m convinced that it can directly cause cancer when taken for too long. Our bodies were not made to adapt to synthetic hormones.  Sometimes being seen as the crazy one is benefit within itself because you think outside the box instead of following the crowd. My belief is God has given everything we need on earth to cure certain diseases, we just haven’t done enough research on tapping into that thought. So if your willing to come to the crazy, hippie, all natural side haha then ask me any questions and give yourself a better value of life.