Nerves are a pain. New health discoveries. Everyone is over worked.

Life is hard. Life is harder with damaged nerves. Life is also what you make it. I’m trying to make the best of my body falling apart before I’m even thirty. This is another health update in sharing research and giving advise to others trying to heal from pain or issues invisible but deeply felt. I feel my research is lacking from being over worked and tired all the time. Damaged nerves cause a different kind of tired, one that cannot be solved with sleep or more coffee.

I’ve got some good news in discoveries but going to share some symptoms first to compare on my next health post. First, I am over worked and so are all my friends. Can you relate? I want to share how important it is to balance your work and health even with baby steps towards your goals. I work forty hours a week and like many others live pay check to pay check. No, I do not have an iPhone, or WiFi, shop online, have a kid with no father, go on vacations, or what ever other small minded judgement I’ve read others write in attacking the younger work force.

There are no Generations, there are just people. I am not apart of a generalize group. I am me, always worked and finished two degrees, and living on my own. Only one loan because of my injuries delaying school. Which are not any huge accomplishments, but seems to be in our society today. The point is even if your health issues are different from mine, you still risk being over worked affecting your health. It’s a viscous cycle. You have health issues so you have to work more to pay for doctor bills or medication. In my case, treatments and vitamins. #holisticliving Now if you take off of work to rest, then you may suffer later when a bill is due. The stress of money adds more pain to what you are already feeling and the cycle continues.

This is when the skill of saying “No” comes in. I have said no to those who suck up my energy, no to plans that would leave me in bed for days later, no to others’ responsibilities, no to working over time, no to anything that would negatively impact my health. You should try it too.#NoBoundaries

This week I worked with only one day off and then eight hours over. I finally had a two day break in which I stayed in bed mainly trying to turn my brain off with Korean dramas. The day I had to go back to work in when the stress of the week finally hit my body…I felt like I had been shish kabobbed. My spine, ribs, hips, and shoulder blades all hurt reacting to the rods in my back with the constant pressure of my lower back and neck going against them. I, dependable worker called in sick.

The next two days at work I’m still fatigued and having signs of someone who has not slept or has cognitive damage even though I have neither, I hope…This is what nerve damage can be like. Then even with all this going on I’m thinking of working a third job, yes that is right. I know my body reacts to stress more and the stress of money could do just as much harm. For the record I do sales at a hotel forty hours a week, then work as a social assistant to families in homes on demand.

A year from now as my Chiropractor said, I may be back to the quality of life I was use to and that he was not giving up on me #GodBless. My doctor also identified something that could help explain the constant fatigue and imbalances in general. This  was that my adrenals were tapped out….I’ve done research and post on hormones balance before but did not have much knowledge on important the adrenal glands had to do with hormone function. I finally found out why sitting at church when I stand up to sing I have to take deep breathes or I will feel faint like. Light headiness is a symptom. It’s sad what we become accustom to.

Basically your adrenals glands release hormones to deal with daily life stress and even trauma. Hormones releasing and reacting to our daily lives keeps us moving and accomplishing stressful tasks without being over whelmed or having a melt down. After a while of a person dealing with constant stress or never resting in recovery from trauma causes the adrenals to tap out.

This process takes years to occur so when the symptoms of adrenal fatigue start showing, it could take up to a year to repair them back into full function order. This also is not recognized by most doctors until it is chronic in which it then called Addisons disease. The next things to happen is thyroid issues and high blood pressure. Which makes sense when you think about it.

I know others that have these symptoms and can connect it to their stress of life from experiences of childhood to adulthood. I can easily see a connection on why we all have our adrenals tapped out. Some examples are being in less than a safe environment as a child, and the person dealing with it mentally and shutting down emotionally, but their adrenals still releasing hormones for the person’s survival. Another is a person who was highly intelligent as a child being put on dangerous meds so their parents could collect a check in saying the child was mental. Years after being taken off such medication, the person had to feel everything at once. Then life becomes a copping game.

I’m sure others have similar stories and at the age 27, I’m not giving up on the quality of life I worked for, being an  all around healthy being just because the adrenals did not get any love or support. Yes, you can deal with stress in a healthy way mentally at the time, but it does not mean physical scars are not left behind after so many occurrences. The three main things to heal your adrenals are to change your diet, manage stress, and take supplements. Luckily I’m already doing all the recommends foods in my regular eating. Basically whole foods and cutting out fake or processed foods. Then there is learning new ways to deal with stress. I enjoy zumba, which I just started back in my home till I build up to a class, and learning Korean.

I have also cut down on coffee to allow my body to heal. My regular coffee consists of 2-3 americanos a day, that’s 6 six  espressos if you didn’t know already. Caffeine can affect your hormones in making cortisol high in non stressful situations and making it hard to shut down. I know why coffee does not affect me with shakes or keeping me up as it normally would. My body already has hormones working to keep me fighting constantly. This is why I can walk at night by myself in a parking lot like a thug.  Until something affects my nerves, then I feel as if I could go into a comma for days.

The third thing to help get those adrenals working again is taking the right supplements. Taking supplements and eating healthy can be expensive so it is important to research the supplements right for you and not falling for every super food out there. From my last health update I posted how I was taking glutamine from TAG,  alpha lipoic acid, and vitamin B. I stopped taking the alpha lipoic acid from nausea. I saw a difference in taking the vitamin b and just switch to a whole food vitamin b recommended from my doctor. I take the glutamine when I have been more active, and do not want to risk feeling the effects of torn tissue which is getting better with sound wave treatments.

By the way, sound wave treatments are an effective way to break up torn tissue and have been used to break down kidney stones in the past. I’ll do a post on how it has helped after I’ve completed the treatments. I will tell you that it hurts, but it is worth being able to do light zumba in my home too.

The adrenals are similar to an avocado in having three layers responsible for releasing different types of hormones. I found several links that are easy to read in understanding their functions and listing the symptoms of those with adrenal fatigue. The standard process company also explains what supplements to take depending on your level of adrenal dysfunction. I am currently on the Drenamin that you can find in the link provided.

After dealing with these health issues for almost three years now, finding new information that matches to improving things is really exciting for me. So I want to share the real issues, but also how you can heal naturally with the right doctor, foods, supplements, and knowledge of what is wrong and how to repair it. I have had others tell me I am on the right path and appreciate the encouragement. I could of easily became an regular drinker in dealing with all my pains and stresses if I did not have any answers. I could of easily became dependent on pain pills. I could of easily accepted there was no cure for the many issues my body was having, but I decided to just take it one step at a time.

Here’s to Keeping it Real!













Health Experiment with Juice Plus. When will this inflammation go away?!

Fruit blend, vegetable blend, berry blend

Fruit blend, vegetable blend, berry blend

This is Juice plus! I had a good friend introduce it to me, and read many good things about the benefits of these pills. This is another chapter of my health journey. I was already on a health journey, but after a car wreck, my journey has turned from being healthy to healing from injuries and treating pain the holistic way of course. I have said before that I am not against medicine and all the good it does, but this is my life choice. If I didn’t look for holistic ways to heal from pain, then I would be on pain medicine weekly while never treating the source of the pain. So this post is going to be on why I’m taking Juice Plus and what other things I’m doing to heal from pain. I will give an update on the list of things that it showed to help or didn’t show to help. First is a list of things that are  not fun to deal with as a young 20 something trying to live life. I’m determined to take the time to listen to my body in the journey to healing.

Health Issues:

1.) Inflammation of the lower spine and tail bone causing pain from daily ground impacts such as walking, running Haha! or jumping…I forgot what jumping feels like anymore.

2.) Neck stiffness and pain

3.) Head aches

4.) Fatigue which really messes with your productivity.

5.) Insomnia

6.) Limitations on lifting, pulling or carrying anything over 10 pounds.

7.) Muscle soreness/ joint pain

8.) Nerve damage

If I am to be honest with myself, this is only the major things I am aware of that are a health issue right now in my life. I do not focus on what I cannot do, but what I still can do.

I think our society has trouble dealing with people who are not “fine” in their lives physically. There are some that play a victim in life, but you can’t judge all by those few.  I lived with back pain for years from surgery and was happy to find doing Zumba in the water took away my back pain from gaining muscle. The step back now is the inflammation has stopped me from working out even in the water. I did work out for three straight months and did not gain any muscle. Thanks inflammation… it is not as simple as some may think.


So since Juice Plus has real fruits and vegetables that help with things such as stubborn inflammation, why not? Here is a simple description of their claims for health improvement. As any other holistic product, you will have research and people saying it works and others saying it is all a scam. I have to wonder if it does not work, then why have people shared testimonies on it working for them? One size does not fit all in health or education. It is better to try things for yourself to see if they work or not for you. If it does not work then what is the harm is adding some extra fruits and vegetables in your diet?

These are their clams.

The most I’m interested in helping with is the inflammation though.


Ease chronic disease through healthy diet, proper nutrition

Juice Plus+ has been shown to support a healthy inflammatory response.

Chronic systemic inflammation is invisible, and can contribute to an increased risk for developing chronic health conditions. Investigators at the University of South Carolina found Juice Plus+ significantly decreased levels of three key biomarkers of inflammation.

I feel if I can reduce the inflammation then I can be active again and gain muscle to help with daily limitations. Before the car wreck I was a size 7 from easy gained muscle from Aqua Zumba. After the car wreck I lost all my muscle and went back to a size 3….this is a problem for me.

So this is another thing added that will hopefully help me and someone else out there thinking of trying juice plus or needs help in recovering from similar issues.

Here is a list of things I do to help with inflammation and staying healthy.

1.) No processed food 80/20 rule Eat 80% organic with 20% allowed from out of control situations.

2.) Anti-inflammatory diet, meaning foods with omega 3’s, brightly colored produce, spices such as turmeric and rosemary        used.

3.) No hydrogen oils, only coconut and olive oil


5.) Limit on processed sugar

6.) Glut-amine (repairs torn tissue, 10g a day)

7.) Adjustments to the spine and neck

If these changes scare you, then check out some of my recipes on my blog to show I don’t go without good food, I just replace the fake stuff with the real stuff. I still have brownies! I just make them with real whole ingredients!

I started taking juice plus before but had trouble implementing it into my routine. I have taken half a bottle over several months, then my pain became worse from too much daily activity and stress. Which is why I’m determined to use what I invested in my health and take the pills daily from now on. I will update after taking the pills consistently for two months.

Do you have any personal experience with Juice Plus or advice on inflammation? Please comment and share! Questions welcomed as well.

Here’s to Keeping it Real ~Ms. Shawna

Anti-Inflammation smoothie that works with evidence!

This shake has saved me from having awful pain all day to hey I can bare this pain. Inflammation is the result of your body trying to heal itself and is part of the healing process, but its painful and annoying. I’m no stranger to inflammation, but after being hit at 60 MPH a new level of inflammation happens. I got this recipe from food babe and then found an article explaining why the ingredients will help with inflammation. At first I thought what so special about these ingredients? which is why I’m sharing this gem of smoothies because my daily levels of pain is the proof of its effectiveness. I now start my day after lemon in warm water of course with this smoothie! I make ginger root tea and let it set to cool. You can add honey if you want a sweet taste to the smoothie. Pour ginger tea in blender. I chop up a whole leaf of kale stalk and all into the blender. I add organic blueberries and strawberries. Add some chopped celery and blend well. Last add Hemp seeds as the recipe says. Only add later after everything is blended and use the pulse setting carefully to have less of a mess in your blender. We want all the ingredients in our glass not the sides of the blender.

Hemps seeds after berries are blended with everything else.

blogpic3 blogpic2

Here is the original recipe from food babe using ginger root instead of tea.

Much like food babe I didn’t want to turn to anti-inflammatory drugs, but not treating the inflammation wasn’t an option. I’ve found this smoothie to be very effective on days I can’t get out of bed from pain. Healing is a process. This smoothie helps ease the pain for me. Ginger root just by itself is helpful. Do your own research on anti-inflammation ingredients to help improve your health!

The article explaining anti-inflammation foods is from Mother Nature Network and have great posts on healthy living.

According to MNN, One strawberry shake can balance the inflammation out caused by a Western style breakfast meal. This makes feel better when adding my strawberries. I love food science!  And as always….

Up Grade Your Food Game!

Who hasn’t had a pinched nerve or inflammation? My natural cures and discoveries for pain.

This post could lead to so many things because I am no stranger to pain. I’m also blessed with the will to keep fighting and researching for answers. In 2009, One blessing in disguise was the awful experience of my health insurance ending. I gained panic attacks for the first time and fears of not being able to treat my pains. I bought my own insurance  with what I could afford and tried to make it work. I found the system scamming me for $900 X-rays and payments that were not going towards my health, but to the companies standards of you give everything, then we give some. This did not fit into my college student with a part time job life.  I know others can relate and for us fighting for answers I hope to shed some light with my journey on each pain I cured without health insurance. I for now do not see health insurance benefiting my health when it comes to common non life threatening problems.  I believe lifestyle is the key to preventing those life threatening diseases as well. I believe God placed everything we need here on earth to cure ourselves, but we buy into the world’s lie of this is as good as it gets, so take these harmful side effect pills and complain no more.  Yeah no thank you! Through the years I really am baffled at the lack of knowledge some doctors have about the human body. It is made to cure itself without meds and how I’m able to find these health alternative changes for a better fix,yet I’m just a regular college student. I also believe God gives knowledge and wisdom to those who ask for it. My journey of no health insurance began with a pinched nerve and inflamed shoulder. The cause for this was over use of my shoulders to compensate for my back that I had surgery on. Doctors told me this after I did not receive the proper therapy or information to prevent this damage. I now had a left shoulder where all protective synovia fluid was gone! The muscles and ligaments connect bones, and the space between them is cushioned by fluid-filled capsules (synovia) and cartilage.I was told you could not repair the fluid and once cartilage was gone then its gone. Excuse me, but what a bunch of Bull. I was literally paralyzed and unable to work or move for that matter. My search began for something else besides anti-inflammation drugs. I found Hyaluronic acid to be the answer for a cure. Hyaluronic acid is the primary natural polymer compound present in the synovial fluid of joints. I know for a fact this stuff works because the paralyzing pain was completely gone after the first bottle. It makes sense because the body naturally creates hyaluronic acid for this reason and can be replenished with intake of it in pill form. I have yet to find any bad side effects to this treatment. Now if I’m working out or going to be using my shoulder for a length of time then I take hyaluronic acid to prevent further damage and pain. I was able to stop taking the pills after the first month and can go several months without having joint pain or needing pain meds. The point is there is no more pain and they work well enough so its not something you have to take everyday till you die haha There are many other alternatives for inflammation that I may try in the future but for this specific issue hylaronic acid was my cure. I also want to say that pain was the worse I ever had experienced. My back surgery didn’t come close. I turned my helplessness into a will to find a cure and so glad I did and can share it with you! I could not possible post all the links to the research I did on this issue and I want ppl to do their own research for their specific problem if needed. I’m posting a link to simple experiment with hyalronic acid.

 It’s important to have at least 100mg in each pill to take effect.

Here is another list of alternatives to anti-inflammation drugs that you can research to your hearts desire! 

Astaxanthin – This is one of the most effective oil-soluble antioxidants known to man today. Astaxanthin has very potent anti-inflammatory properties. In some cases, it may even be more effective than NSAIDs. You may need to take high doses of this antioxidant (as much as eight milligrams a day), though, to achieve this benefit.

•Ginger – This anti-inflammatory herb has pain relief and stomach-settling properties. Steep fresh ginger in boiling water to make a delicious and fragrant tea. Grating and adding it to your vegetable juice is a good idea as well.

•Curcumin – This is the primary therapeutic compound found in the spice turmeric. A study of osteoarthritis patients revealed curcumin’s pain relief effects: individuals who added 200 milligrams of curcumin a day to their treatment plan were found to have reduced pain and increased mobility. In fact, over 50 clinical studies have proven curcumin’s potent anti-inflammatory activity. There are also four studies that demonstrated its ability to reduce Tylenol-associated adverse health effects.

 •Cayenne cream – Also known as capsaicin cream, this is a spice made from dried hot peppers. It alleviates pain by depleting the body’s supply of substance P, a chemical component of nerve cells that transmits pain signals to your brain.

 •Boswellia – Also called boswellin or “Indian frankincense,” this herb has been prized for thousands of years for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This is one of my personal favorites, as I have seen it work well with many of my rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Bromelain – Found in pineapples, this protein-digesting enzyme is a natural anti-inflammatory. Bromelain can be used in supplement form, but eating fresh pineapple may also be helpful. Most of the bromelain is found within the pineapple’s core, so make sure you leave a little of the pulpy core intact when you eat the fruit.

•Cetyl myristoleate (CMO) – An oil found typically in fish and dairy butter, CMO acts as a “joint lubricant” and an anti-inflammatory. I use a topical preparation for myself to relieve ganglion cysts and alleviate mild annoying carpal tunnel syndrome that flares up when I type too much on non-ergonomic keyboards.

•Evening Primrose, Black Currant, and Borage Oils – The fatty acid gamma linoleic acid (GLA) found in these oils is useful for treating arthritic pain.

***Korean Angelica (Angelica gigas Nakai). This is mention in the article I linked and will be my next experiment. I now have to find another cure for the inflammation pain in my lower back from a car accident. I have no more anxiety over being in pain because I know there are cures at my fingertips as I type in questions to my unanswered issues.

Thank you for joining me on my journey to better health!

Women to women. Balancing hormones to balance your life

Okay so I promised some advise on making life easier in a healthy way, and one of the things I mentioned that affect us all is hormones. I don’t know what people really know about their hormones but one thing you need to know is if you didn’t have them, then you would die. So to me keeping your hormones healthy is just as important as taking care of your heart or lungs.
Since I’m a women I don’t have much advice to help you men out but I encourage you to research ways on preventing cancer from balancing your hormones, but other wise this post is not for you unless you have a girlfriend who turns into a monster once a month haha Okay so to all the ladies who have search for that magic pill that would make cramps go away, keep you regular, and fight cancer at the same time, I have good news after years of searching with trial and disappointments, I finally found what works with scientific research to back it up. I’m talking about MACA! It’s a root that’s been used for women’s health in other countries for years. My gift is sharing the real stuff with you and not the westernized product being advertised every where. Americas think if some thing is raw, then its better for you. Raw maca is easy to find, but its not as beneficial as cooked maca. Plus the villagers who grow maca don’t eat it raw so why should we? So maca basically makes your hormones balanced by not introducing hormones into your system but nourishing your
hypothalamus and pituitary glands which are the “master glands” of the body
The maca root contains natural substances, which are believed to stimulate the pituitary and hypothalamus and adrenal glands to support and balance hormones. Different things in our system produce different hormones for different reasons so need to do your own research for a specific reason your needing to balance hormones but so far I only seen good results from it so it must be going where ever it is needed. There is a Plethora of products that claim to balance your hormones that I tried so just trying to save you time and money. There’s dong quai, primrose oil, omega 3’s, and many others that only introduce plant like hormones into your system instead of actually balancing your hormones. I tried it all and for you ladies that can relate to unbalanced hormones you can relate to why I didn’t give up on trying things. I wasn’t going to accept irregular menstrual cycles, pain, sickness, weakness, and my world having to stand still unless I took dangerous medicines like birth control. If it works for you that’s great but for us girls who only take it for clear skin, and balancing hormones and not the main reason why others take it then that’s a whole other issue. maca’s not going to keep you from becoming pregnant in fact maca actually  helps couples who haven’t even been able to conceive with fertility help.
Like I mentioned my body is very weak physically so my mind and emotions determine more on how I feel physically. For example if I’m stressed like many women that time of the month will start and not stop….I don’t have time for that! and I’m assuming neither do you. I’ve been on Maca, the cooked kind you can find at royal maca company online buy just typing royal maca into google.

I’ve been taking maca for over two years with no bad side effects. I went from stressful pains that would actually keep me from working and going out and having to schedule events around my menstrual cycle bc I would be feeling I rather get hit by a truck to put me out of my misery then live on. No joke and I know some can relate. Its very frustrating on trying to live a healthy life style and  having problems showing your not completely healthy bc your missing a piece of the puzzle.  The good news is now I barely have a cycle now because I learned how to make it regular, short, painless, and keep my sanity. But that’s not all I found in my research of making things better. Since I was once thought to have PMDD, then I had extra issues so for some the maca may not be enough, but have some good advice for others like me. I had the maca make things regular and better but I was still having pain so I actually just researched what causes cramps in women and guess what I found out?! Studies done on women with bad cramps all had one thing in common, bad estrogen. Yes, there is good and bad estrogen that can make a big difference on your life and even determine your chances at having cancers. This miracle is called DIM and is made with maca from the company I linked earlier. Which makes perfect sense to pair a hormone balancing herbs with one that flushes the bad ones out as well.
Diindolylmethane (DIM, in short) is the principal breakdown product of indole 3-carbinol (I3C), the phytochemical found in cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, collards, mustard greens, radishes, watercress, and turnips. DIM, has been shown in scientifi­c studies to reduce the risk of breast, cervical and other estrogen-driven cancers cancer by helping the body to make a better balance of the “good estrogen” (2-hydroxy-estrone) compared to the “bad estrogen” (16-alpha-hydroxy-estrone).*
Royal Maca Plus for Women™ with DIM is an ideal product combining the hormone-regulating effects of maca with the estrogen metabolite regulating effect of DIM. It relieves PMS and painful periods, and alleviates peri-menopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal symptoms. Maca & DIM together help your body make healthy estrogen metabolites and a healthy progesterone level. Progesterone is important for healthy hormonal function and helps provide protection against cell proliferation in estrogen-sensitive tissue. There are many scienti­fic studies which show that indole 3-carbinol and DIM can improve the ratio of healthy estrogen metabolites produced in 87% of women.

So I put this stuff to the test and found it delivers. I thought Really? Really? bad estrogen is the cause all these problems women spend millions on trying to cure with senthetic hormones and there’s a natural alternative with fast results? Something that actual fixes the problem from its source?! Just like it describes from studies, there is bad estrogen that goes through the 16-alpha-hydroxy-estrone which goes back into your system instead of being flushed out which causes cramps and cancer plus other life annoyances.
So there it is ladies a simple breakdown on how making life easier and healthier. The health benefits of maca are enough for anyone to take. Maca is rich in vitamin B vitamins, C, and E. It provides plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids. It strengthens teeth and bones, evens skin tone which I can see a difference in from taking the royal maca brand compared to others taken. I’ve read info on even doctors using maca to treat depression because it gives you energy and well being. It helps with anxiety and has been used in placement of hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women. There is just too much good news about this stuff that I can’t put it all on  one post, but hopefully I got you interested enough to research yourself or tell a friend about it.
Okay so lets review and get some important facts down if you are thinking about adding maca in your diet. It comes in powder and a pill form. I recommend the pill form or putting the powder in a pill unless you like a nutty taste. The powder will only mix in with a blender with other substances. I’ve put the powder in pills myself and taken the DIM separate but buying the two in one pill is easier and cheaper. Also important to know DIM and indole 3-carbinol (I3C) are not the exact same thing and from studies on using both they found the indole 3 to have bad side effects and not as beneficial as DIM. So please stay away from it and I’ll share the link on those studies if anyone is curious. Then there’s the amount to take. This stuff is strong and you will feel a difference within a month. You should not take more than 1/4 teaspoon or one pill a day when starting out. The only bad thing I can say about maca is if I over dosed with over 1 teaspoon then my heart would be racing at night were I couldn’t sleep, but nothing life threatening. Then 100-200 mg of DIM should be taken daily. The royal maca pill already has 100mg of DIM with the maca as well.

Maca with DIM has helped me focus, given energy, cure cramps, and improves my mood overall from balancing hormones. Its my lil secret I’m telling the world who haven’t found out for their selves yet. Some may think its too good to be true or I’ll just keep my birth control. That’s fine, but I rather not take anything that is made in a lab to mimic the real thing, because I’m convinced that it can directly cause cancer when taken for too long. Our bodies were not made to adapt to synthetic hormones.  Sometimes being seen as the crazy one is benefit within itself because you think outside the box instead of following the crowd. My belief is God has given everything we need on earth to cure certain diseases, we just haven’t done enough research on tapping into that thought. So if your willing to come to the crazy, hippie, all natural side haha then ask me any questions and give yourself a better value of life.