Vegan Chocolate cupcakes with strawberry surprise!

Hello fellow vegans and those just trying to eat healthy! I made these for the 4th of July and had no complaints:) I’m not vegan, but baking vegan is ideal when your dairy free and want a healthier alternative to processed goods. I have the recipe posted with just a few tips….

Going down the ingredients list, I used King Author’s unbleached all purpose flour(GMO free). This could easily be turned Gluten free with the choice of flour too.
I used Ghirardelli Cocoa powder (GMO free) *You can check these companies sites to see their non GMO claims.
Unrefined sugar of course is needing, and I used light brown sugar since the recipe didn’t specify.
The choice of oil would probably make a difference in taste. I used coconut oil and the cupcakes didn’t even have a coconut flavor so not to be worried.
Now for the filling…I either like to stuff my cupcake with lots of filling or the recipe doesn’t give an accurate amount to use. I recommend having more than just 2 cups of strawberries. With this recipe I made 2 1/5 pans of full cupcakes and had to make the filling twice. The second time I added bananas to the mix. Yum! I also didn’t see the point of cornstarch as it just clumps up into white chunks in the mix. A simple simmer of organic strawberries with cane sugar added is perfect.

Finally cut out the middle of the cupcakes carefully and set the left overs aside for another creative dessert. You could even make cake balls with them! I ended up getting creative with my soul sister and making a mini peach cobbler. We simple mixed the cupcake crumbs in some water and honey then made a layer at the bottom of a baking pan. She then simmered peaches on the stove, could add cane sugar, cinnamon, or vanilla extract. We added the peaches on top of the chocolate layer and heated in the oven 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. It was donut good, and the crumbs weren’t wasted. Get creative!

Hope you enjoy this recipe! These are nice and rich. A little heavy without the egg but feel free to add one if your not vegan and let me know how it turns out.

WIN_20140706_204724 (2)

Vegan Chocolate cupcake recipe:

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Pastries are like a piece of heaven to me so….Cinnamon roll time!

Hello! My name is Shawna and I have a pastry addiction. The smell and thought of a fresh baked good takes me back to some fairy tale land were there is endless turnovers, pies, and donuts. But wait! I’m a foodie now and bleached flour and refined sugar is no longer welcomed. That’s okay because there are plenty of healthy alternatives that contain the real stuff that makes a pastry, a pastry! It’s those little things you don’t notice until you become aware like the long list of ingredients on those store bought cinnamon rolls. I’m not condoning any company or person who chooses to eat the F.A.D. (failed American diet) I’m just sharing my experience for those who want to make a change, but feel overwhelmed at not being able to eat their favorite foods. Like I’m going to give up cinnamon rolls haha…No…So first option is to make your own in which I would just use organic ingredients and unrefined sugar. The other option is buying already made cinnamon rolls from a whole foods store. I just want to show the difference in making healthy choices to give awareness. When eating healthy you have to constantly check ingredients that you have listed as bad for your health and scan every list for those ingredients. The longer the list the better chance for me to just give up and put it down because a cinnamon roll should not have over 30 ingredients! The ones to look out for in pastries for example could be ADA, refined sugar, bleached flour, hydrogen oils, MSG(modified anything), and artificial flavors. Really is it that hard to just to use real cinnamon than artificial flavor!? Don’t forget the FDA is approving all this ingredients even though they are not used in the same brand of stuff in other countries. Research yourself to see what I mean. Anyways I take a healthy fresh baked cinnamon roll over a cold processed one any day.

Here is an example of a processed cinnamon roll ingredients list…..
untitled (2)

Can you read all that?! I know it is not the best picture but really why does a cinnamon roll need all those ingredients especially when half of them are not even real food? I can already spot the ADA listed. Start looking at ingredient lists to see what you can find the FDA trying to poison you with seriously I shouldn’t have to worry about these things when in another country those harmful ingredients are not allowed or used in the same exact brand name company products. Yet some how they are added into our food supply?!

Here is a real cinnamon roll compared to what is offered above….

imagecr2 (2)



Do you see how big of a difference in length of ingredient lists that is? I’m giving props to this company for not using unnecessary ingredients.

You can research yourself to see the difference or just start reading labels.  Just like the can says, these were immaculately delicious!


I’m glad to enjoy a healthy pastry that isn’t linked to disease later because that really is a piece of heaven and peace of mind.

Here’s to Keeping it real!

Banana nut butter wrap

GRACE - WIN_20140406_134655

This is an easy, healthy snack that actually fills you up! I use all organic ingredients for optimal health but make it your own! I use



Ezekiel’s tortillas, but regular flour tortillas are fine. First spread a thin layer of real honey on the tortilla. Choose your favorite nut butter such as organic almond or peanut butter to spread over the honey. Slice and spread about half an organic banana on the tortilla as shown. Next add some Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips. To spice it up, I add a dash of cinnamon and some walnuts. Get creative! This snack always gives the perfect chocolate fix while keeping me from biting peoples heads off when I’m hungry or are on the go.  Warning they are addicting and this easy good tasting snack may have you buying bananas every week but its so worth it! Enjoy!

My kind of cooking ~Miss Shawna~


Oatmeal from heaven


This is what I imagine the porridge tasted like that Goldilocks couldn’t just one bowl of. I made this new recipe for oatmeal last night while craving something chocolate. Well it’s at least new to me, but pairing peanut butter and chocolate is nothing new. The difference is the type of oatmeal, chocolate, and peanut butter you choose that would make it healthy or not. Have you ever heard of aspartame? It’s in several of the brands of oatmeal which defeats the purpose of having oatmeal to start your day off right. There is hope though! Just use plain rolled oats or any organic brand. I use Publix’s green wise brand. I suggest using real cacao not the Hershey’s stuff. Then use your favorite nut butter without added hydrogenation oils found in Jiff or Petter Pan brands. Keep it simple with organic peanut butter or almond butter. Add a spoon full of cocoa powder to your dry oats, boil some water and pour over the mixed oats and cacao powder, then add a spoon full of peanut butter. Mix and enjoy!