Instead of sacrificing good food just use real food! Taco time!

So far on my journey to better health I have soaked in a lot about the daily chemicals and unsafe ingredients our bodies intake from daily food sources. This is not my first rodeo on making health foods changes nor the first time I cut out too much and actually worsen my health while using up all my funds for “healthy foods”. What I’ve learned is gluten free is not for me and I don’t have to cut out foods and be miserable because there are real foods out there to replace the fake stuff you eat to satisfy your appetite. Just as an update I am currently avoiding ADA, nitrates(preservatives), artificial flavors, hormones, and antibiotics. There is so much going on with how the FDA approves ingredients to test us as Ginnie pigs that it’s impossible to keep up with every unsafe chemical listed. The best rule to follow is to take out those major factors I just listed that are actually link to bad health, then buy products with a shorter ingredients list with words you recognize. This time around the healthy eating lifestyle is not as overwhelming or miserable to me because I’ve researched and learned more from realizable sources such as this book image

It’s important to keep researching till you find the truth. For example I added a protien powder to my diet but there are tons of health blogs stating how heavy metals are in protein powders that are unsafe. The truth is that some protein powders have metals such as iron to help the body absorb the protein. The body needs iron so unless there is an metal that is not meant for human consumption then don’t take out every protein powder item just because one article says too.

This new lifestyle comes with limited choices when eating out because I’ve taken out hormones and antibiotics. The FDA has stated in the news that animals will not be given antibiotics unless treated sick by a licensed veterinarian. I don’t know when this is really going to happen. Doctors are complaining about the super bugs being created by people eating foods full of antibiotics. I’m just over here like Duh! Glad they finally caught on. So one semi safe meat to eat while dinning out is chicken because there is no need to use nitrites bc the color of chicken does not change over time like red meat does when turning old. The fact is that if chicken is hormones or antibiotic free is a mystery. Just don’t over complicated things like if you have a favorite food item were the only bad ingredient is refined sugar instead of unrefined then just limit your consumption until you find an healthier alternative. There are healthier options of cookies, chips and pops out there so not all is lost.

So on to a new recipe that’s just as good and healthier than your regular taco. With all those ingredients to avoid in mind.

Here are the foods products I choose to use that all can be purchased at Publix or any whole foods store probably.


These  tortillas are an healthier choice because they are ADA and preservative free. I use this brands bread as well. The protein from these is reason enough to switch.

Next, I use meat that is healthy without hormones, added antibiotics or nitrates.


I give props to Publix for given more healthy meat choices besides just chicken.

I like to have my taco with grilled tomatoes. I just fry some chopped Roma tomatoes in olive oil with fresh cilantro and  kosher salt.


You can choose to add your own spices to the meat you cook such as chili pepper, cayenne powder, and Spanish spices. I rather grind my own peppers than to use spices with silicon dioxide aka sand! If you are in a rush then my recommendation is McCormick’s taco spice packets. Their ingredient list has less unknowns listed compared to others with only whey being an ingredients I rather not have but no harm done.

Finally you can add some organic spinach or lettuce to finish your taco off. Since I’m allergic to dairy I have no need for cheese but I understand the cheese lovers out there couldn’t have a taco without it so just do your own research on finding real cheese instead of some thing full of hydrogenation oils.

Then Whala! image

So you can have your favorite foods without sacrificing flavor and health. Let me know about your health food journey or how you liked this recipe. Health nuts unite!

Love Miss Shawna.