Health Experiment with Juice Plus. When will this inflammation go away?!

Fruit blend, vegetable blend, berry blend

Fruit blend, vegetable blend, berry blend

This is Juice plus! I had a good friend introduce it to me, and read many good things about the benefits of these pills. This is another chapter of my health journey. I was already on a health journey, but after a car wreck, my journey has turned from being healthy to healing from injuries and treating pain the holistic way of course. I have said before that I am not against medicine and all the good it does, but this is my life choice. If I didn’t look for holistic ways to heal from pain, then I would be on pain medicine weekly while never treating the source of the pain. So this post is going to be on why I’m taking Juice Plus and what other things I’m doing to heal from pain. I will give an update on the list of things that it showed to help or didn’t show to help. First is a list of things that are  not fun to deal with as a young 20 something trying to live life. I’m determined to take the time to listen to my body in the journey to healing.

Health Issues:

1.) Inflammation of the lower spine and tail bone causing pain from daily ground impacts such as walking, running Haha! or jumping…I forgot what jumping feels like anymore.

2.) Neck stiffness and pain

3.) Head aches

4.) Fatigue which really messes with your productivity.

5.) Insomnia

6.) Limitations on lifting, pulling or carrying anything over 10 pounds.

7.) Muscle soreness/ joint pain

8.) Nerve damage

If I am to be honest with myself, this is only the major things I am aware of that are a health issue right now in my life. I do not focus on what I cannot do, but what I still can do.

I think our society has trouble dealing with people who are not “fine” in their lives physically. There are some that play a victim in life, but you can’t judge all by those few.  I lived with back pain for years from surgery and was happy to find doing Zumba in the water took away my back pain from gaining muscle. The step back now is the inflammation has stopped me from working out even in the water. I did work out for three straight months and did not gain any muscle. Thanks inflammation… it is not as simple as some may think.


So since Juice Plus has real fruits and vegetables that help with things such as stubborn inflammation, why not? Here is a simple description of their claims for health improvement. As any other holistic product, you will have research and people saying it works and others saying it is all a scam. I have to wonder if it does not work, then why have people shared testimonies on it working for them? One size does not fit all in health or education. It is better to try things for yourself to see if they work or not for you. If it does not work then what is the harm is adding some extra fruits and vegetables in your diet?

These are their clams.

The most I’m interested in helping with is the inflammation though.


Ease chronic disease through healthy diet, proper nutrition

Juice Plus+ has been shown to support a healthy inflammatory response.

Chronic systemic inflammation is invisible, and can contribute to an increased risk for developing chronic health conditions. Investigators at the University of South Carolina found Juice Plus+ significantly decreased levels of three key biomarkers of inflammation.

I feel if I can reduce the inflammation then I can be active again and gain muscle to help with daily limitations. Before the car wreck I was a size 7 from easy gained muscle from Aqua Zumba. After the car wreck I lost all my muscle and went back to a size 3….this is a problem for me.

So this is another thing added that will hopefully help me and someone else out there thinking of trying juice plus or needs help in recovering from similar issues.

Here is a list of things I do to help with inflammation and staying healthy.

1.) No processed food 80/20 rule Eat 80% organic with 20% allowed from out of control situations.

2.) Anti-inflammatory diet, meaning foods with omega 3’s, brightly colored produce, spices such as turmeric and rosemary        used.

3.) No hydrogen oils, only coconut and olive oil


5.) Limit on processed sugar

6.) Glut-amine (repairs torn tissue, 10g a day)

7.) Adjustments to the spine and neck

If these changes scare you, then check out some of my recipes on my blog to show I don’t go without good food, I just replace the fake stuff with the real stuff. I still have brownies! I just make them with real whole ingredients!

I started taking juice plus before but had trouble implementing it into my routine. I have taken half a bottle over several months, then my pain became worse from too much daily activity and stress. Which is why I’m determined to use what I invested in my health and take the pills daily from now on. I will update after taking the pills consistently for two months.

Do you have any personal experience with Juice Plus or advice on inflammation? Please comment and share! Questions welcomed as well.

Here’s to Keeping it Real ~Ms. Shawna


Your judging me for judging? Say what!?

It’s time for some spiritual and mental discussion as I promised in starting this blog. This issue could go in so many ways but I hope it speaks to you in one way or another in making a change with daily thoughts and judgments. I am not perfect and need daily correction but having an eternal mind set does help. I’m mainly speaking to those of us professing to follow after Jesus. Religion isn’t going to save me only Jesus paid that price, its all about the relationship for me. I am also speaking to those who have been judged by other religions because they can be the most judgmental of all. I think the problem is people are mixing judgment for accountability. Holding a person to their actions is not judging, but accountability which is what Godly people should do when each other fall under sin.

This does not mean gossiping behind each others back about each others sins. If you actually read the bible, then you know it says to talk to your fellow friend in Christ about their struggles in offering prayer and accountability towards them in overcoming that sin, not shouting it to the world! Now I haven’t had much problems with people spreading rumors about me because truth is there’s not much to say. Live a life where the preacher doesn’t have to tell lies at your funeral. But this behavior is a pet peeve of mine and the constant correction I have to do to people who are professing believers is becoming redundant.

Try seeing if these examples apply to you or a situation you were once in. I was talking to a friend one day over a couple who just starting dating. I knew nothing about the boy or girl’s behavior towards a relationship, but had nothing bad to say about them and only wished them the best. My friend on the other hand voiced how the girl was a wild child and needed a boy to ground her. Now in my head if you are able to make statements like that, then you must know this person on a different level with facts to back up your statement. This is usually not the case. I ask “why do you say she is a wild child?” The response was a long pause then a “I can just tell by looking at her.” SMH This then states anyone who looks different than you with colored hair, cloths, or make up is always a wild child…please just stop before I put you in your place.

Try giving people the benefit of the doubt, they may surprise you. My friend’s reaction to holding accountability on her words was that I was judging her for judging. No I was holding you accountable for your words, there is a difference. We have to remember what we perceive in life is not always truth. If you spread a rumor about a person and find out its not true then retract your statement to those you told so then the lie doesn’t grow. This kind of negative mind set is killing the Christian culture by making them out to break the own rules they profess to follow. I’m not about the Christian culture but the Jesus culture. Christian culture says you can go to church and only speak with other Christians in getting your free pass to heaven. This is false and without the Holy spirit working through you in making daily accountability changes to your life then you become an empty vessel allowing the world to fill you up instead.

Another situation I found myself in was with two ladies who were taking pictures for prom. There were several girls dressed up and waiting to take pictures. I was in a conversation were one parent and their child were looking at another girl’s dress and the mother voiced how her daughter’s dress is way prettier. What the? I step in and voiced to these people that I condemn any death spoken over that girl. I spoke life over the girl as having a pretty dress and every girl’s dress was lovely in its own way. I explained that there are no winners in comparing. If you compare yourself to a person as you are better than them, then you are putting them down and being creating un-humble thoughts of one self. If you compare yourself to a person as being better than you, then you creative negativity thoughts about one self. There are no winners we are all on different life journeys and should stick on our own paths instead of following others, otherwise you’ll end up as someone or somewhere your not meant to be. I could write many examples like these but I think you get the point.

My goal is to change the way people think about their roles as a Christian in judging as it was intended and how it’s being done. We are not the Judge, God is, we are only to guide and hold people accountable. Jesus said to go and sin no more. He challenged the religious on their beliefs but he didn’t beg them to follow him. Either you choose to be in the kingdom or not, but judging others will not make you closer to God. Realizing how much you have sinned and accepting God’s grace while sharing your new freedom will lead others to Christ. Once you have that accountability in your life with people you trust, then you know when they correct you out of love and their intentions are for you to grow spiritually not bring you down with judgment.

I love learning about different cultures and feel cultured in some respects. Learning about others can silence the voices of negativity that form over the unknown. I have many places to visit and conversations to have before I can be considered cultured but I go with this definition for right now. Being cultured means you have an open mind in that you make no facts in your head about a person who is different than you until you actually have a relationship with that person. All Christians do not act the same, all Muslims do not act the same, all Jews do not act the same and so on. This kind of thinking changes everyday decision for some people on how they live based on how others see fit instead of doing what they think is right. I for instance, like to wear a head wrap. My cultured fashion does not equal I’m a terrorist but that it was raining that day and nobody has time for that. There are many cultures that wear turbans for beliefs such as Sikhs. The key to building the kingdom is speaking life over each other and encouraging each other through life struggles while being accountable were it is due.



What’s this Blog mainly about?

Hi! My name is Shawna, but I prefer Miss Shawna.


This is my first blog and I made it to share the things that make my life easier to help others. I also have friends who keep telling me to post recipes so they are getting their wish.  I usually have friends ask me about health related issues when it comes to finding a more natural way too. I mainly want to share a healthy outlook on life through food, exercise, and health experiences that I had to go through to get in better shape. I am no stranger to pain from unknown bad style choices I made. When I say unknown style choices, I mean that I wouldn’t of know doing aqua zumba, only once a week could help my back pain. I didn’t know that taking certain natural minerals and foods could make that time of the month, unbalanced hormones and all its problems disappear. I didn’t know that there could be ways to make your favorite food healthy until I started experimenting in the kitchen. I believe God has put on this earth everything we may need to naturally cure us of our health problems whether inside or out.

I’m only speaking from my experience and am not against modern medicine. I am only against chemicals and medicine when there is way safer and more natural way to prevent and cure issues.
What I do may not work for everyone, but if you want to try researching a healthier way to fix a problem maybe my blog can help you. I only researched this stuff for seven plus years with trial and error until I got where I wanted to be. I’m what personality tests call the scientist, so yes I love to research and research, and research! I am also a future teacher and have that desire to teach so I hope to teach something about health to my readers.

I would of wanted someone to tell me this stuff years ago and I would love nothing more than to save people from the frustrations I went through on trying to solve certain problems. Your mind, body, and spirit are all connected and each needs to be balanced in your life.

For me, I’m very strong minded and grow my spirit when ever possible, but my body lacks and shuts down when my brain says go! I’m sure some people can relate. But if you are one of those people be glad! I would rather have a determined mind to get me to my dreams, than be in perfect health because sometimes those in perfect health can’t deal with the metal challenges in life and never find the way to their dreams. It’s all about will power, determination, discipline, and lots of prayers.


So stay tuned in as I write my journey’s path to better health with simple steps that get to the point and give real information from my health experiences.