Bean and Kale, Spices Galore Dish

I have been told this dish is one of the best smelling dishes I make and have made it so much over this past year. I love it because it is an easy, filling, healthy dish that does not cost a lot of time or money.

A close up of the Glory.

A close up of the Glory.

I always advise using organic greens and spices, but use what you have already because we want to keep it simple. I always have my organic beans, spices, and kale from regular shopping trips.  Thank you ALDI……You can create many recipes from these ingredients if your willing to be adventurous in the kitchen!

TIP: If you buy the huge bag of organic kale for savings, then store in zip-lock bags in the freezer for separate recipes in the future. Kale does not stay fresh for long unless it is kept in the freezer. 


1 can of black beans

1 can of chick peas

1 hand full or zip lock bag of kale

olive oil


Sea salt





Cayenne pepper

Instructions for Deliciousness: 

Heat your fry pan to medium with a small amount of olive oil. 1- 2 TBS. Open and pour in your can of black beans and chick peas. Have all spices ready and while your pan starts to warm the beans try dashes of all spices into the pan. This will depend on much you like each spice, while creating a balance and not letting any spice over power the dish. For example, 5 dashes of salt, rosemary, basil, and parley. Then 7 dashes of garlic if that is your spice of choice. I would advise starting out with only 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and not going over 1/2 teaspoon unless you can take the heat. These spices work well together and add much needed flavor to the beans and kale. Keep the pan on a medium or low heat so not to dry out all the juice from the beans. You may add water if this happens or if you add too much salt. A cap full of white vinegar gives a nice taste and balances out the spices as well. Remember to taste test to find the right amount to your desire! It is simple with just a few dashes and stirs!  Add kale and stir allowing it to simmer and soak up the flavor of the spices. Turn off heat and enjoy!

You may also want to replace the chickpeas with your favorite bean. You could even add other greens such as spinach. Get creative and enjoy this simple tasty dish!

Here’s to Keeping it Real

~Ms. Shawna


Better than all those other recipes on Google, My creation of White Chili. Oh La La….YUM!

Like what you see?! Wait till you smell and taste it as well .

This recipe is as easy or hard as you make it. No SALT needed

I literally threw this together from gathered information on how to make white chili and because I lost the one favored recipe over the years. So when those crumbled up recipes disappear it time to see whose got the real stuff haha.

First check to see if you have any of these food items before you make a list to shop for. I made this with health intentions such as fresh tomatoes instead of canned ones. Canned food in general I believe from research is a big cause of cancer after WWII when everything was being canned instead of jarred. Something definitely spiked the charts.  So if you want, precooking the beans would prob be better than canned as well. Just try to find BPA free canned foods. The tomatoes are more of a risk because their acidic levels can cause more absorption of BPAs through can linings. Better safe than sorry so posting a link of this issue at the bottom. Now back to yummy, hot, tasty chili!

Pick up some: All these ingredients are organic


1- Two Red bell peppers (for color and vitamins)

2-One big yellow onion (flavor and color)

3-Two cans worth of Great white northern beans

4- Two cans worth of pinto beans

5- Three of your favorite kind of tomatoes

6- Two cans worth of corn (GMO free taste way better) or one frozen bag of organic corn.

7- Two packets of organic Ranch packets 



8- Fresh cilantro

9- Two packs of frozen chicken thighs, white meat from chicken breast doesn’t fit the bill for this recipe. (Free of Antibiotics and Hormones) Thank you FDA for pumping our food full of antibiotics for years just to come out with a statement that its causing super bugs. DUH!

10- Swanson’s organic chicken broth. I used three small boxes. But two will suffice.

Extra food to look into would be bread! I buy the sour dough soup bowls from Publix. A loaf of French bread would be good for dipping as well. But I’m going to go all fancy with the bowls! I now make my own bread because so many breads contain ADA.

Prepare one big pot to boil the chicken.

Have your beans precooked drained or cans all opened.

Pour chicken stock in another large pot on medium heat. 

 Add the beans and corn UN DRAINED if using cans.

Dice the tomatoes, and red bell peppers

Keep the onion whole! From my grandfathers cooking skills its a European thing in giving the soup color and flavor. Just drop it in and it’ll break apart from the heat and stiring. Pull the skin out at the end.

Add the diced tomatoes and red bell peppers

Take a small stalk of cilantro to dice the leaves from the stems. Throw in the diced leaves. 

Add just one of the Original Ranch seasoning packets.

Keep on medium heat or a little higher but not on high and stir.

This soup, if done right takes a few hours to get that savory flavors mixed together. 

Take a break but don’t let the bottom of the pot burn. Enjoy your time reading my blog for instance 😉

Keep an eye on the chicken. 

Bonus fact: I’m a fan of  Shark Tank and one pitch was for boneless ribs, but the bones create the flavor so no one would touch those, except the guy who invented a way to cook them first them take the bone out! So if you think about getting the skinless, boneless chicken thighs then its your risk.

I use gloves and hand pick out the meat parts only. Once the chicken is cooked and cooled, make sure it has time to cool or a burn will be in your future, then add it to the other pot cooking. Once the chicken is added then add the second packet of original ranch seasoning. Stir, stir, and stir, do a lil dance and stir. 

Confession: I always dance while cooking and it seems to be genetic.

Two hours at this time should be enough for your chili to be perfect!  Also feel free to make this your own as I understand not everyone is a health nut like me. Just trying to give easy, healthy, and flavorful recipes. Taste test and enjoy with loved ones!


Link to BPAs in canned food